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Xuanyuan Shenyu biography

Xuanyuan Shenyu biography

Xuanyuan Shenyu biography

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    Xuanyuan Shenyu biography
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    Shangxie Yizhong
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    Qishi Book
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2022-04-14 18:52:34
Mo Xue, an ordinary girl in the countryside. When she was eight years old, she met a Warcraft. Fortunately, she was saved by the immortal master Long Yun. Long Yun thought he was destined for her, so he gave her a magic sword and asked her to take it to Jishishan to learn art when she was 16 eight years later, Moxue set out to Jishi mountain with his magic sword. Along the way, she met Zhong Yun and Nine Tailed Fox Xiaoyue who went up the mountain together, and later met Long Yun of that year finally, Mo Xue came to Jishishan Inn at the foot of Kunlun mountain. That night, the door of the inn was knocked again. Mo Xue opened the door. It was xuanyuanyu, the woman who had influenced her life xuanyuanyu, a man cursed by the demon ancestor, an immortal celestial ghost and lone star, is abandoned by the world. Disheartened, she met the gentle and kind Moxue, and also met the dragon cloud who knew the great righteousness however, she is not content with her fate. She wants to change her life against the sky! Finally, she fell into the devil's way, embarked on the road of desperate, and extended her claws to the best sister Moxue

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