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Hou Fu is really a master of drama

Hou Fu is really a master of drama

Hou Fu is really a master of drama

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    Hou Fu is really a master of drama
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    Shuiqing bamboo
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2022-01-21 21:34:56
The flower is short the original owner Hua xiaoque was a real daughter transferred by Hou Cheng'an. Father slag took her back to Hou's house not for family reunion, but to use her blood to read Snow and quench bones for the fake daughter the day when the bone quenching is completed is her death the flower with a new core is short and delicate. Everything you eat is good. You have to eat Centennial ginseng to make up for a broken finger it's just that such a small artist is used to acting, forcing the fake daughter of green tea into lemon essence when Hua Xiaoduan was busy making waves in the Marquis of Cheng'an, he was watched by a little fat bug the little fat bug believes that women are superior and men are inferior. From time to time, he instills the following views into the demon lord who looks up to the world: females are noble clouds and males are humble mud the female is right in everything she says. If not, the male has a brain problem The Demon Lord scoffs at this. However, in order to recapture the demon world, he can only be unwilling to draw a ladle according to the gourd Hua xiaoque, the target of his strategy, is a playwright. One moment he was deeply in love with him, and the next moment he secretly scolded him as a tortoise bastard Lord devil often thinks that Hua Xiaoduan has deep love for him. In fact, he doesn't even have a small wave in his heart the lack of drama essence means that there is no hand to tear the fake daughter of green tea in love. It's fun and fun?!