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Wind snow disease

Wind snow disease

Wind snow disease

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    Wind snow disease
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    Li Qingrou
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    Qishi Book
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2022-05-23 07:34:42
Meditating and sitting in the library reading literature, tired, and looking at the blue sky outside the window as the doctor is about to graduate, she has the opportunity to stay in school and teach. Not only that, she will also get a settlement fee of 500000 if one sentence is used to describe the mood at this time, it is about: complacency and horseshoe disease her family is ordinary and her talent is not outstanding. She has studied hard for 20 years in a cold window and finally earned a bright future for herself thinking of this, she closed her eyes and smiled when I opened my eyes again, I saw more than a dozen long swords around my neck. The bright light on the blade almost blinded her She tilted her head, and her neck was immediately scratched with blood by the blade the pain is real What's going on She impatiently waved the long sword that was in the way and wanted to touch her bleeding neck. While she raised her hand, more than a dozen fairy swords that had surrounded her tightly rolled down one after another and made a mess. The white friars standing with swords knelt down and said in unison, "master, we are wrong. Please don't enlarge your moves." divine Prince vs human doctor

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