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Star feather sea path

Star feather sea path

Star feather sea path

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    Star feather sea path
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    Light ink to recognize the Emperor
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    Clean book
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2022-06-11 10:35:13
That day, I jumped into the abyss in order to make a living for the demon family and repay the sins of my previous life. I finally saw him, and his eyes were full of bright red blood. I once told him that I would not let him alone again, but I finally broke my appointment< Br> my life and death disappeared, but he was robbed by God. God thunder rolled in the sky, and several God lightning strikes hit him. He slowly rose into the air, and a magic seal appeared on his forehead. Finally, there were gods in the three realms again< Br> he always said that God should be a human being. I looked at him and asked him: what about the demon? Isn't the demon a human being? He was silent< Br> only in a few years after my death, he re entered the divine realm and told people all over the world that he wanted to make the demon family coexist with the world and all things coexist in the three realms< Br> he remembered her words< Br> "do you blame me?" He once said that God should be the common people. Although she was a demon, she also wanted to do something for the common people< Br> his eyes were red and he shook his head: "I'll wait for you to come back." He watched her disappear before his eyes, leaving nothing behind< Br> after her death, he didn't look for her. He stayed in the divine realm all day. No one knew what he was doing. But later, he left the three realms to the fairy realm, and no one had seen him again< Br> you should stay away from the haze in this life.

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