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Jade records

Jade records

Jade records

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    Jade records
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    Always eat
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    Yipin Books
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2022-05-13 03:49:45
There is a jade on the top of the mountain and the style of the Jin Dynasty. The smart and free Penglai disciples set foot in the three realms hand in hand with the cruel and vicious human evil stars to eliminate demons in case of demons. However, fate is shallow and love is deep. 1v1 high sweet and high abuse Penglai disciple Wang Puzhi, who is not very good at learning, is a fairy crane tail that Turin has not learned for thousands of years. The incarnation of Zhou Shan's jade, she sympathized with the chaos in the world. Therefore, she was targeted by heaven and ordered to go down to Qiantang county to clean up the disasters between the human and demon worlds who ever thought that the beautiful fairy who wholeheartedly went down to the world to fight for her career was loved at first sight and fell in love with the lonely star of the evil spirit who hit the ball ruthlessly and maliciously. She was disgusted with her body and just accompanied her through life and death and traveled all over the yellow, poor and blue however, the demon clan recovers and there are frequent anomalies in the three realms. Under the nest, people, demons, immortals and ghosts have nowhere to live. Loyal friends die one by one. Persistent lovers are ruthlessly separated by fate after life and death, who will go back in the wind, and who will wake up in the Beiming sea first and stick to the vow that the poor three worlds will meet again a Chinese fairy demon story full of glass slag and sugar, full of divine teammates and divine opponents!

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