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The autumn water of snow mountain is long

The autumn water of snow mountain is long

The autumn water of snow mountain is long

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    The autumn water of snow mountain is long
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    Kiwi fruit
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2022-03-10 11:08:42
Shen Muqiu was raised by her Master Lu Hai when she was young. Although she has many brothers and loves each other, she is lonely in her heart. The mystery of her life experience is always a knot she can't solve. With her remaining memory, she came to the snow mountain Ming Palace, became a close attendant around the mainstream of the sect with her good martial arts, and opened a way to explore the truth... However, what she wants to know is Pushuo fan; Those who don't want to explore, but come! What you want is beautiful and beautiful; After offering sacrifices to the mountain on the eighth day of March, Liu Peng realized that there was not much time, so he went to Hongliu village in Meizhou under the escort of Shen Muqiu and Chen Luosheng, just for his long cherished wish. On the way back, they were in danger in Changshan. The three narrowly escaped death and returned to the snow mountain. Although Liu Chu tried to find out the mastermind again and again, Liu Peng decided to hide it quietly. The reason behind it is puzzling. However, the storm broke out again. The man in black raided Mingtang on a snowy night, and his beloved disciple was also involved. Shen Muqiu disappeared with Liu Peng. Chen Luosheng was seriously injured and his life and death were unpredictable. At the time of confusion, old friends meet and old things are mentioned again. In the face of changes, do you continue to bear it or the Jedi fight back

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