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I m being watched by sick villains

I m being watched by sick villains

I m being watched by sick villains

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    I m being watched by sick villains
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    I'm Xiong San
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    Novel 520
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[sick and charming villain white cut black fake milk dog vs Royal sister Leng Yan real rich man] * when she first met, Jian Jingning picked up the poor and powerful boy at home teenagers are weak and sickly. They cough twice in one step and fall down once in three steps in the spirit of sending warmth to the villains, Jian Jingning takes good care of the youth looking at the clever and sensible young man, Jian Jingning felt relieved unexpectedly, when she turned around, the young man's facial features were beautiful and clean, and his skin was morbidly white. His narrow Phoenix eyes narrowed, and there was a strong paranoid possessiveness at the end of his eyes, like a turbulent wave under the storm he spoke silently between his lips and teeth, and the muted juvenile sound began: "sister..." * it was not until later that Jian Jingning found that the man was fierce and ill and paranoid........ for her, it was also morbid........ rebirth through books + ill and charming + big brother + group pet + micro science fantasy