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Linglong dice an Hongdou

Linglong dice an Hongdou

Linglong dice an Hongdou

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    Linglong dice an Hongdou
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    Frog Ming
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    People Books
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2022-01-18 19:09:05
In the past hundred years, the spirit world, following the Lord of Yongye city as the seal demon family and martyrdom, the young Lord of Yongye city and Gu Linglong, the most gifted young lady of Ziling castle, disappeared together. This disappearance is 20 years. In the tense atmosphere that everyone thinks they can't come back, the spiritual world has lost the heir of the eternal night city, and the spiritual world will be destroyed in the next century, they have returned safely after 20 years of disappearance. On the day when the spiritual world celebrated their marriage alliance, something happened suddenly. They turned against each other. Their natural cultivation has been far better than that of their peers since childhood. Since then, their cultivation has stagnated, and they haven't made any progress in 50 years. Childe Gu is burning with anxiety... The young master of Yongye city is also impatient and has nowhere to tell... They are as deep as the sea, but they are separated from each other, and their internal situation is painful, Where do outsiders know

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