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Through the counter attack of merchant women

Through the counter attack of merchant women

Through the counter attack of merchant women

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    Through the counter attack of merchant women
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    Yu lingfengqing
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    Happy Novel
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2022-05-17 11:02:01
A funny girl who was about to enter the University accidentally crossed into a strange world and met a dull father. She thought about her lover and her mother who didn't abide by women's morality all day. Her parents were discordant and quarreled constantly. Even she was infamous with constant gossip she can't speak softly, cover her lips and smile, move the lotus steps lightly, and don't look back. She's a maverick and keeps company with mud all day. She has no other thoughts in her mind except making money. When her father was injured, she resolutely took over her ancestral craft, carried forward it, continued to innovate, and gradually changed the plight of her family with intelligence, diligence and hard work it is said that if you are in full bloom, the butterfly comes by itself don't worry about food and drink. Life is going well. My father has opened his mouth, and my mother has taken heart. It's time to worry about her marriage again How can she appreciate the rotten peach blossom recommended by the matchmaker? Naturally, she has to choose it herself. As a result, Miss mu, who is beautiful and rich, was once again pushed to the forefront of public opinion. Unfortunately, no one expected that she would step into the Imperial City alone for a parting... the full text is not too good, warm and interesting daily, non repressive and non abusive. The ability of golden finger gradually increases with the continuous growth of the hostess.