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He always teases me after divorce!

He always teases me after divorce!

He always teases me after divorce!

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    He always teases me after divorce!
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    Chan Shu
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    Wine Novel
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2022-03-27 14:33:18
It's a big bet. She's the chip for the adoptive brother to put on the gambling table in the dark night, he plundered like a high king Li Yang never thought that on the day when the truth was revealed, the man she didn't want to have was her pillow man "Fu Lingheng, we're divorced!" the man said softly, "well," that's convenient for me to pursue you. ""... " later, the major media denounced it, and the words were even sharper at the press conference "Mr. Fu, since you like Miss Li, why did you divorce her at the beginning?" the man smiled lightly, and his eyes and eyebrows were full of love, "because I love her so much, I want to marry her twice!" "..." everyone sighed. It's just that we Fu can always say that we don't want to face so beautiful and refined!

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