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The hot wind kissed the rose

The hot wind kissed the rose

The hot wind kissed the rose

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    The hot wind kissed the rose
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    Mu se Wanqing
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    Bestcar read
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2022-01-20 14:48:25
[enchanting and charming human rose x abstinence, expensive and cold youth] as we all know, the feast of the financial department of University A is expensive and cold, which is a flower of kaolin but this flower was picked by Wenyue just when everyone thought they would get married, the initiator Wen Yue mercilessly broke up and patted her ass and disappeared but who knows, roses hurt people and themselves with thorns * after many years, Wen Yue met again at the banquet on that day, Wen Yue, dressed in a red cheongsam, was like the most beautiful rose and amazed the feast again later, the feast pinched her chin against the wall and said in a low voice, "Wen Xiaoyue, you came to provoke me first. As long as I haven't agreed to break up, the game hasn't ended yet." no one knows. In fact, at the first sight of Wen Yue at the feast, he has already moved his heart roses never fade and love until death PS: demining, female owners are not C, sister and brother love, female owners are not slag but wave, and there are many predecessors.

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