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Youth Pie 2: it takes only one second to love you

Youth Pie 2: it takes only one second to love you

Youth Pie 2: it takes only one second to love you

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    Youth Pie 2: it takes only one second to love you
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    Childhood without shoes
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    Cook Books
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2022-07-04 02:27:07
College graduation is imminent. Although the four former classmates and friends and their families have their own problems, they are all working hard on the road to happiness. Lin Miaomiao is about to graduate. She is hesitant between studying abroad and choosing a career, but with the company of her parents and friends, she goes forward bravely and gains a lot. Lin Dawei upgraded his career and opened the community "Leling center". Encouraged by Lin Dawei, Wang Shengnan also joined the elderly care industry and found another spring in his career. Qian Sany has been secretly in love with Miaomiao for many years. Although his mother has some complaints about his feelings, Qian Sany, who is trying to "be himself", is also trying to win the support of his family. Jiang Tianhao had twists and turns on his way to start a business. His youth made him miss the road. But after experiencing a trough and waking up, he restarted his journey with the support and encouragement of his family and friends. Deng Xiaoqi's ideal is to become an excellent actor, but her mother Deng Xinhua has different ideas. She has persevered in the pursuit of art and finally completed her beautiful growth and transformation. There are many tests in the process of growing up, and the teenagers still don't forget their original heart and strive to move forward with the company of family and friends.

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