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Dr. Xu s hidden black moon

Dr. Xu s hidden black moon

Dr. Xu s hidden black moon

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    Dr. Xu s hidden black moon
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    炑 狇
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    Garden Novel
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2022-04-08 13:06:26
It is said that the Beauty Photographer in the photography industry found a doctor's boyfriend. It is said that the beauty tried every means to catch up. Several big men who are eyeing the beauty can't sit still president of the film and Television Group: "it's just a doctor. We Qiang Qiang must be just playing." someone who has pursued for many years and failed to win the beauty back: "whoever wins love with a knife will not be forgiven for killing!" friend's neighbor brother: "what's the matter, sister? Didn't you agree to wait for me to grow up?" ... Qin Qiang leans lazily in the arms of his doctor boyfriend, Smiling and holding her boyfriend's slender fingertips, "there are a lot of people digging at the foot of the wall. Do you have a sense of crisis?" her boyfriend glanced at the men who want to dig at the foot of the wall, "do any of these people look better than me?" Qin Qiang shook her head, "No." "why did you like me at the beginning?" "of course, because you look good." "So why do I have a sense of crisis." ... later, my boyfriend's little waistcoats were taken off one by one. Qin Qiang was surprised. They all said that martyrs were afraid of pestering lang. what Lang did she pester back! the emotional history of Qin Qiang and Xu Ping'an can be described in one sentence. It began with five senses and was loyal to the three outlooks. The man she liked was unique in the world.

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