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Cangyue love

Cangyue love

Cangyue love

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    Cangyue love
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    Flourishing bamboo incense
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    Free Trial Novel
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2022-02-24 17:38:16
Cangyue was born on the snow mountain in the desert. When she first opened her eyes, she floated on the snow mountain. She has no memory and doesn't know who she is? What's your name looking at the vast snow capped mountains, I only vaguely remember the word "month" in my name, so I named it cangyue. It's just a remnant soul. I don't know whose soul it is, and I don't know why it is for thousands of years, she has been regarded as a snow mountain goddess by the desert people. Except sleeping in the Desert Princess, she floats in the snow mountain and looks at the clouds I met the Pearl Princess by chance. In order to help the Pearl, cangyue and the demon fox Yebai joined forces to fight in the snow mountain and came to an unknown world look at the clouds when the wind rises and miss you when the clouds rise after thousands of years, does anyone still remember her name?

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