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Little ancestor, she doesn t do personnel

Little ancestor, she doesn t do personnel

Little ancestor, she doesn t do personnel

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    Little ancestor, she doesn t do personnel
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    Jian Jiu
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    52weixin Books
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2022-02-10 17:53:50
(the new book sweet favorite article "sick and charming demon God, he always has a bad heart for me" has opened, welcome to the transition Oh ~) [the cute face is ruthless, surpassing the female leader a vs the beautiful, black belly and abstinence male leader] the underworld has always been peaceful, but one day there came an ancestor who didn't do anything related to people a king of hell's tears whirled: Little ancestor, can we be superior and subordinate happily the little ancestor's eyes lit up: otherwise, give me the position of the king of hell king of hell 1: Wuwuwuwu... king of hell 10: You Lonesome ghost, you should go to hell on the 18th floor and be sentenced to death the little ancestor smiled and nodded: good idea. I haven't rubbed the wine for a long time hell ghost officials turned pale when they heard of it: please let them go. You have already moved the wine the little ancestor said: those who obey me will protect you, and those who do wrong will kill you alas, everyone shouted: ancestors are powerful will the car overturn on the road? The answer is yes since the master came back, the little ancestor's driving skills were unstable. He began to overturn all the way. After weighing, he decided to run away someone is blocking the door: where do you want to go? Steal your parents? Sleeping with Ben Jun again? Take advantage and run? first he abused her and in the end he gave her up? Not responsible little ancestor: whet haw, can I let you take advantage of it someone smiles deeply: very good little ancestor: that's a deal. We'll be clear when it's over late... the little ancestor was stupid is this sleep? Is this horse sleeping? She hasn't slept all night, okay Si Xuan: it's impossible to be clear. If you go to Ben Jun's bed, you can't escape a fox: Emma is so sweet [super sweet text + strong alliance + career and love are the same]

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