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Madam, did she abuse slag today

Madam, did she abuse slag today

Madam, did she abuse slag today

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    Madam, did she abuse slag today
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    The clock is leaning away
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2022-07-13 20:58:42
When Gu annuan was dying, he realized that her husband was scum and her 'best friend' was poisonous< Br> overnight, father and brother lost, friends lost... birth, old age, illness, hatred, love, parting, begging, seven hardships in life, she accounted for almost all< Br> the only God who is consistent with her and who is deeply in love with her is the one who steps on the moon from the depths of Yunmeng< Br> unfortunately, her memory was tampered with by the slag man, ruined her engagement with him, and turned around to marry the slag man< Br> in the end, I ended up with my family broken and dead in the wilderness< Br> if you marry wrong, your family will be ruined< Br> fortunately, God pity, time back, let her return to the big marriage with slag man< Br> Gu annuan decisively stirred up the wedding, kicked the scum man, went to find the man whose heart was broken by her in his previous life, and returned his deep love for two lives< Br>... in the dark and cramped room, Gu annuan twisted his skirt and looked uneasily at the vicious and bloodthirsty man, trembling his voice and asking carefully< Br> "brother Chen, do you want me?"< Br> the man glanced at him faintly, picked up a bottle of brandy and poured it< Br> "brother Chen, Nuan is coming back to marry you. Don't you want me?"< Br> the 'PA' bottle was smashed by him. He grabbed the girl's beautiful swan neck, and the man with huge waves in his eyes opened his eyes, "Gu annuan, do you know what to say?"< Br> "brother Chen, Nuan is coming back to marry you!"< Br> "really?"< Br> "really!"< Br> "no regrets?"< Br> "never regret!"< Br> "good!" [thank you for your time and love. I'll miss it for two lives and finally get a complete life!]

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