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I work in the immortal world

I work in the immortal world

I work in the immortal world

Rating: 9 / 10 from 49737 ratings
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    I work in the immortal world
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    Ten coral
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    Lava Novel
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2022-06-28 02:11:44
Jun Hao, who has lived for 32 years, was swept out of the house with a ticket by her cousin who had taken care of her for more than 10 years for the first time in his life, traveling abroad directly sent Junhao from the world of scientific and technological civilization to a different time and space advocating the civilization of cultivating immortals with the leg pendant coming out of nowhere, Junhao crossed the sea of clouds and screamed to experience a thrilling and exciting free fall movement it's a good thing that you didn't die, but you're killing the big man in the immortal world... Is this the beginning of hell mode boss: "very well, you have successfully angered me." Jun Hao: "I'm wrong, boss. Don't be impulsive. Listen to my explanation, boss. I can compensate you for your medical expenses, nutrition expenses, lost work expenses and spiritual losses."

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