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Fairy, you ve changed your partner again

Fairy, you ve changed your partner again

Fairy, you ve changed your partner again

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    Fairy, you ve changed your partner again
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    Divine stick
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    Health Books
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2022-07-28 04:44:32
[group crosstalk · sand carving Xiuxian] dressed as the richest woman in the cultivation world, I have several spirit stone veins waiting for me to inherit it's boring for rich people to count the stones every day_ (:3」∠*)_ my family hired someone to relieve my boredom, such as Yin Xiu playing the piano and singing, sword Xiu juggling, and the beautiful sister of Hehuan sect dancing. I'm tired of watching it for a long time and gradually lose my secular desire I've heard that love is the happiest. I haven't talked about it. I want to try it I bought a Taoist priest. He has high cultivation, looks good and has a good voice. He is also the chief of a large door. He has a particularly fierce fight. Others praise me for my good vision for dignity, I dare not tell you that my Taoist priest seems to have that serious disease in his mind, He said last month that he was a disciple of the ten thousand Buddha Temple. He was busy shaving his head. When he entered my house at night, he had to burn incense and worship Buddha first. It was also a custom a few days ago, he said that the demon king was reincarnated. Now the magic is sealed. As long as he turns 10 million spirit stones to unlock the seal, he will marry me as the queen of the devil as soon as he becomes a demon, the sun will fly and jump. Although it's busy, I'm very tired I want to return the goods. I want to stay with good guy. When I mention this, he will have children with me male dominant perspective * normal brain pure and unpretentious, obedient and easy to coax. Madam points out that I dare not go west, Xiannan. JPG * brain is broken sword repair: even if I am tired of moving bricks on the construction site in my life, I will never eat a soft meal. 1 Living Buddha: what's the matter with reading scriptures? Throw wooden fish again. Believe it or not, I'll kill you myself demon king: the shark man didn't blink and scared three children to cry in the street. If the devil didn't wash his smoky makeup, he wouldn't * cure my brain face and appearance. I don't deserve to have it's the rich woman's damn pet!

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