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My left adult

My left adult

My left adult

Rating: 9 / 10 from 6688 ratings
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    My left adult
  • Author:

    1km Mr. thirteen
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    Pc Books
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At the age of 15, I spent the last legacy left by my mother, and I was struggling to live with my brother. A huge debt from the sky made us desperate. At the same time, a mysterious messenger who claimed to be left appeared... I closed my eyes and thought, mom, our whole family can be reunited in a moment. Why have you been away for so long that you shouldn't know me. It doesn't matter, mom. I'll go to you with my brother later... after waiting for a long time, the machete still hasn't fallen. But a snowflake gently fell on my face, but it was not cold I slowly open my eyes and the world in front of me is gradually clear. I never thought that all the villains were frozen by ice. They kept waving their knives, and there was a trace of ferocity in their eyes I got up and inquired around. Just outside the door, a slender young man stood tall and graceful, with snow-white skin color and hair, and a white cloak integrated with the white snow under his feet, like a God he came up to me. I don't know him yet he stretched out his hand to me, and the ice marks on his body suddenly dissipated, "welcome home, Guangnan." I couldn't help handing him my hand, which was very warm in the flying snowflakes

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